Always plan your trip ahead of time. The schedules are compiled in view of optimal road and weather conditions and thus, buses may deviate from the schedule due to weather conditions in the winter and due to road repairs in the summer. Buses may deviate from the schedule if the safety of passengers and other road users cannot be guaranteed or the baggage may be damaged (difficult road conditions, road repairs, and other circumstances out of the control of the enterprise).

If you want to get off in an on-demand bus stop upon arriving to the destination, then notify the bus driver of your wish when you enter the bus, so that the bus driver could better plan the journey.

All our bus seats have a seat belt, it is mandatory to fasten it during the trip.

In order to ensure safety, we ask small children and elderly people not to sit on the seats of the front row.

Please do not disturb other passengers and bus driver during the journey. If you watch movies or listen to music from the media devices, then please use always earmuffs.

It is strictly prohibited to be in the bus when you are intoxicated, to use alcohol and smoke.

If there is a toilet in the bus, please ask the key from the bus driver in order to use it (it is possible to use toilet, when the daily outside temperature is over 0 degrees Celsius, i.e. during warm season).

Before getting off the bus, please make sure that your surroundings are orderly: clear up all the trash that you have caused, put the back support back to the vertical position, put the curtains back to their initial position.

If there are any problems during the journey, please turn to the bus driver.

In case of lost and found items, please contact our customer service by phone 5151882 or by e-mail