In accordance with subsection 72 (6) of the Public Transport Act, Taisto Liinid has established the following procedure and prices for the acceptance, carriage, and release of baggage on commercial regular services.

Please take your fragile and valuable baggage (money, documents, jewellery, technology, etc.) with you to the passenger compartment and keep an eye on it at all times.

It is prohibited to carry explosive, toxic, and caustic substances, as well as radioactive, flammable, damaging, smelly, and staining baggage without proper packaging in the passenger and baggage compartment of a public transport vehicle.

Carriage of baggage in the baggage compartment

The passenger is allowed to transport in the baggage compartment of a public transport vehicle baggage the sum total of the measurements (height + width + depth) of one unit of which does not exceed 150 cm and the total weight of which does not exceed 30 kg, and also skis and bicycles in wrapping. Please make sure that your baggage, placed in the baggage compartment, would not soil the baggage of other passengers.

We would like the fact that larger baggage (bicycle, baby carriage, musical instruments, sports equipment etc.) may not always fit to the baggage compartment of the bus, and therefore it is possible to place such baggage in the baggage compartment after all ordinary baggage has already been placed. In order to place special baggage, please turn to the bus driver and/or follow his/her instructions. If you definitely need to travel with larger baggage, please inform our customer service of such wish by phone 5151882 or by e-mail; we will try to find a solution, if it is possible. If it is possible, we would like to ask you to travel with larger baggage in the middle of the week, when there are fewer passengers.

The passenger has the possibility to buy a separate baggage ticket with the price of 4 Euros from the bus driver, which ensures that the bus driver will place the baggage of the passenger to a separate baggage compartment.

Carriage of the baggage in the passenger compartment

Passengers travelling on long distance lines have the right to carry in the passenger compartment of a public transport vehicle hand baggage, the sum total of the measurements of one unit of which does not exceed 150 cm and the total weight of which does not exceed 30 kg, and also firearms in a wrapping and small animals and birds in cages and boxes adapted for such purpose or in any other manner without charge.

Animals, hand baggage, skis and any other baggage must not disturb other passengers from sitting and moving around or disturb them in any other way or damage their clothing or the interior of the public transport vehicle.


Please note that if a pet or bird disturbs the bus driver or other passengers, we cannot allow travelling with them in the public transport vehicle (even if a ticket has already been purchased). A passenger with a pet is obligated to switch seats if the bus driver asks them to do so. Please keep your pet in a cage, box, or bag adapted for animal transportation, so that the animal does not come into contact with the passenger compartment. The animal must not come into contact with the seats under any circumstances! Dogs must wear a muzzle and a short leash. If a muzzle cannot be put on the pet, they must be transported in an appropriate transport cage or bag. If an animal takes up the space of a whole seat (or if the owner wishes to place the animal on a separate seat), an additional bus ticket must be purchased. It is not allowed to transport sick animals or animals who pose a risk to the lives or health of other passengers. The passenger is obligated to compensate the damage caused to the passenger compartment by the animal immediately after requested by the enterprise.

Compensation in case of lost or destroyed baggage

If you buy a baggage ticket and the baggage that is accepted by the transporter for carrying is damaged, then the transporter is responsible for compensating in the amount of 150 Euros on the basis of cheques presented by the passenger. In case of amounts that exceed the aforementioned sum or if the claims are not sufficiently certified, the transporter leaves itself the right to refuse the compensation. The claims for the compensation of damage have to be presented in written form by e-mail or by mail (to the contacts marked on the baggage ticket) with the copy of the baggage ticket and passenger ticket.