Taisto Lines offers everyone the opportunity to travel on different routes at a fantastic price starting from 1 euro.

On TARTU-TALLINN routes, especially cheap tickets costing 1 euro – 5.00 euros can be purchased only online from Tpilet.ee at 9:15 for a trip from Tartu bus station to Tallinn bus station and at 12:45 for a trip from Tallinn bus station to Tartu bus station.


  • There is a limited number of tickets with a special price of 1.00 – 6.50 euros for each trip. After the sale of special price tickets, the normal price list will be restored;
  • Tickets with a special price can only be purchased online from the Tpilet.ee website (the special price is displayed only when searching for a trip with a specific date and is marked in red when available);
  • Tickets purchased at a special price (marked in red) of EUR 1.00 – 6.50 will not be repurchased or exchanged;
  • Ticket sales open 10 days (exactly 240 hours) before the trip;
  • From 1 November  2020, Tpilet.ee established a service fee of 0.55 € for the purchase of tickets, which is added to the price of each ticket;

Cheap bus trips!