The buses servicing our Pärnu-Tallinn and Võru-Tartu-Tallinn lines feature a free of charge Taisto MediaCenter. At the MediaCenter, on your smart device or computer, you can watch the best movies, play different games, listen to music or audiobooks, watch your journey on the map, and enjoy other entertainment on a long bus ride. The content of the MediaCenter is updated at least once a quarter.

The range of games at the Media Center is very different, and there is plenty of time to learn them all during a bus trip.

The Taisto MediaCenter can be used during the bus journey through your own laptop, smartphone, tablet, or another smart device that’s most convenient for you. For enjoying the Taisto MediaCenter, connect your smart device or computer to the free Wi-Fi network “Taisto Meediakeskus” available on the bus.

Open your browser on your computer and enter the address

With Apple iOS devices please download the Passengera Player app of our service provider to your smart device and enjoy the content of the entire MediaCenter.

Please use headphones for media consumption. Headphones can also be bought from a bus driver at a price of € 1.50.

If you do not find suitable entertainment for yourself in the Taisto MediaCenter, then you can also surf the Internet free of charge. And should the battery of your device need charging, you can charge it at the 220V outlet on the bus.

NB! If for some reason, the media server on the bus is missing or the service is unsatisfactory, it is not the basis for the return of the ticket.