All Taisto line buses are equipped with a device that enables its passengers to connect to a wireless network (Wi-Fi). The respective sticker is located on the side of the bus.

Our buses have Tele2 network. To connect to a network, you have to view the available wireless networks on your device that can be connected to a wireless network (view available wireless networks) and then, choose a network from the list of networks named Taisto-number. If you use a device-based e-mail programme to send e-mails, the outgoing mail server has to be

Using the wireless network on the bus is free, the network is not password protected, and the data transmission of the service is not encrypted. Some websites with a lot of data are blocked. If the network is overloaded or the amount of data used is disproportionately large, access to the Wi-Fi on the bus will be blocked. The actual speed of the network at a certain time depends on the number of passengers using the network, the geographical location of the devices, the load of the network, etc. Consequently, there may be disconnections lasting up to tens of minutes on major roads. If the disconnection lasts longer or there is no connection at the beginning of the trip (in the city), please inform the bus driver, as they can then restart the Wi-Fi device.

NB! The absence of Wi-Fi or an unsatisfactory network speed does not give you the right to ask for your money back.

Major problems or suggestions can be forwarded to us via e-mail at or by calling our customer service at 5151882.